Vaibhav Prakash

PhD Physics/ IBM Certified Qiskit Developer

About Vaibhav

As a highly motivated and skilled researcher and educator, I am confident that I would make a valuable addition. I have interest and knowledge in theory of open quantum systems particularly in the understanding of decoherence and noise models. I have a proven track record of publishing in high-impact journals and have a strong background in mathematical modelling and phenomenology. Additionally, as a teaching assistant, I have experience in teaching post-graduate students and have a passion for teaching and mentoring the next generation of researchers and practitioners.

I have a deep information theoretic understanding of some quantum algorithms and a hands-on experience in Qiskit. You can find some of my codes written in Python using QuTip and Qiskit-terra at my GitHub page https://github.com/vaibh-pra. I also have a Ph.D degree in Physics from School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University. The pre-PhD coursework involved a course in computational physics and was taught to us by Prof. Subir Sarkar, a very dedicated and motivating teacher and a researcher.