Shubhalakshmi S

Postgraduate researcher

About Shubhalakshmi

I am a curious human exploring the field of quantum information and computing. I wish to address real world challenges through the lens of quantum physics. I am actively seeking opportunities where I can learn, contribute and share my knowledge effectively.


  • analytical thinking
  • C++
  • critical thinking
  • innovative
  • Mathematica
  • python
  • quick learner
  • realist

Education & Training

Physics BSMS
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune
I was enrolled for BSMS dual degree research programme at IISER Pune after my 12th grade. I also received prestigious DST Inspire fellowship throughout my study. During my natural science degree studies, I have interned on few topics that include quantum information and computation, developmental neurobiology and computational neuroscience. My master's thesis focused on 'Resource theory of quantum coherence'.