Ankita Kulkarni

About Ankita

Graduated from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India in Information-Science stream. Previously I studied Diploma in Computer Science from Government Polytechnic, India, and have worked for 1 year in administration at Royal Enfield, Hubli, India. During my final year of Engineering, I was interested in reading about practical applications of AI in solving real-world problems. I took up a project titled ”AI-based chatbot using Natural Language Processing and parsing techniques” which was focused on banking applications. Further, I studied a machine learning specialization certification course at CloudXlab where I developed my skills in hands-on coding, Python, and machine learning algorithms. Recently, I have been working on developing an algorithm for solving np hard problems using quantum annealing. As a part of this study, I have learned to use Dwave Leap platform to run quantum simulations. I have also completed QSilver recently where I have developed skills in Cirq and Qiskit. I am a passionate learner of new technologies and have good problem-solving skills.


  • Dwave Leap
  • Javascript
  • Machine learning
  • python