Amirali Malekani Nezhad

Quantum Machine Learning Engineer, Quantum Optimization Engineer and Researcher at Zebraket, Undergraduate Bachelor student (Third Year)

About Amirali


I am Amirali Malekani Nezhad, an undergraduate pursuing Bachelors in Artificial Intelligence with specialization in Quantum Computation and Predictive Analytics. I currently work as a Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Optimization Engineer and Researcher at Zebraket which is a startup dedicated to solving Supply Chain Management Problems through Quantum Computing.

I am pursuing a research in simulating the evolution of sequential decision systems in a realistic environment setting by creating a quantum mechanical framework from scratch using Linear Algebra and implementing the model in Python using Qiskit, and D-wave Ocean Suite and optimized using PyTKET, which allows us to model the evolution of events in a real world environment setting for fidelity and reliability of generated outcomes, and through exploiting the duality of Nature and Perception.

I enjoy the language of Quantum Mechanics as a direct representation of how our world truly functions and evolves, and hence have dedicated a great segment of my time to learning Quantum Mechanics Pipeline from low level Linear Algebra to the high level abstract coding schemas. With that said below are the libraries which I have worked with and have fluency in :

  • IBM Qiskit
  • Google Cirq
  • D-wave Ocean Suite
  • CQCL TKET Platform
  • CQCL Lambeq
  • Quantum TensorFlow
  • qBraid Platform

I am interested in working on Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Optimization, Quantum Simulation and Quantum Computation. Thank you for your time and consideration.



  • Cirq
  • D-wave Ocean Suite
  • Gate-based Computing
  • linear algebra
  • PyTKET
  • Qiskit
  • Quantum Annealing
  • quantum computation
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Quantum Optimization

Work Experience

May 2022 - Present
Quantum Optimization, Quantum Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher
I work as a Quantum Optimization Engineer which includes designing the QUBO modelling for each Use-case, and implementing the mentioned in Python using D-wave's Quantum Annealing package. I work with BQMs, DQMs and mostly with CQMs to implement time and complexity efficient models for NP-Hard problems. I also work as a Quantum Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher which allows me to add to the current model and experiment with unique approaches to modelling the overall platform by utilizing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis. As a researcher I also look into how we can find original and innovative resolves to a variety of problems from Optimization to Monitoring and Control systems.
July 2022 - Present
I work as a Mentor and do lectures and talks for the quantum community in order to expose the beginners and passionate individuals to different aspects of Quantum Computation and its use-cases in industry and academia.

Education & Training

2020 - 2024
Artificial Intelligence
University of Malaya
I pursue Bachelors in Artificial Intelligence and starting October 2022 will begin my third year. Courses : Artificial Intelligence (WIA1004) Machine Learning (WID3006) Neural Computing (WID3003) Numerical Methods (WID3004) Algorithm Design and Analysis (WIA2005) Probability and Statistics (WIA2003)
July 2022 - August 2022
Quantum Computing and Entrepreneurship
I participated in Womanium's Quantum Summer Program which illustrated the foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation, from the mathematics of Linear Algebra and Complex numbers to the implementation of Quantum Algorithms using Qiskit and Cirq, as well as the hardware aspect of Quantum Computers. We received talks regarding a variety of topics from software to hardware by leading companies such as IBM, Quantinuum, D-Wave, IQM, Zapata, Strangeworks, and more on how current NISQ era models perform and the outlook for the near future and how to prepare a pitch for applying to the mentioned companies. We also competed in the Hackathon (Currently On-going) by innovating on Challenges proposed by the companies. I received 4 certificates for the entire program, namely 1) Quantum Programming I : Q-Bronze 2) Quantum Programming II : Q-Silver 3) Quantum Computing Hardware 4) Certificate of Completion
July 2022 - August 2022
Quantum Simulation
I participated in IBM Qiskit Summer School 2022 Quantum Simulations which illustrated the mathematics and basic implementations of Quantum Simulation and Hamiltonian evolutions using Qiskit package. I finished all 4 labs on Quantum Simulation and received the Certificate for the program.
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