Alexandr Ojog

Back-End Developer | Chemical Engineer

About Alexandr

I am a Back-End Developer with a background in Chemical Engineering. I worked with Ruby on Rails and Node.js. My responsabilites included:

– Writing server-side code in languages such as Ruby and JavaScript
– Designing and implementing APIs
– Managing and interacting with databases such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL
– Ensuring the security and scalability of the application
– Collaborating with front-end developers to integrate the front and back-end portions of the application.

My main focus is on the logic and functionality of the application, as well as ensuring that the application is secure and can handle large amounts of data and traffic. I also often work closely with frontend developers to ensure that the frontend and backend of the application work seamlessly together.

I have experience as a Chemical Ingineer working with Organic Chemistry. I was responsible for a variety of tasks, including:

– Design and optimization of synthetic processes: I developed and refined processes for synthesizing organic compounds, taking into account factors such as cost, yield, and reaction time.
– Scale-up of synthetic processes: I designed and implemented the scale-up of laboratory processes to large-scale production, ensuring that the process is efficient, safe, and cost- effective.
– Quality control: I established and maintained quality control protocols to ensure that the synthetic products meet specified standards of purity, potency, and safety.
– Process optimization: I continuously monitored and optimized the synthetic process, making modifications to improve efficiency, reduced costs, and minimized waste.
– Safety: I ensureed that the synthetic process complies with all relevant health, safety, and environmental regulations, and that appropriate measures were taken to minimize risks to personnel and the environment.
– Documentation: i maintained complete and accurate records of the synthetic process and the product, including material and energy balance, processed flow diagrams, and safety data.
– Troubleshooting: I was responsible for identifying and correcting problems that arise during the synthetic process, and for developing solutions to prevent similar problems from recurring in the future.

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  • Chemical Analysis
  • DBMS
  • General Chemistry
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Software Development
  • SQL

Work Experience

Chemical Engineer
Biochemtech SRL
1. Сustom synthesis of organic substances (insect pheromones): - Designed and executed chemical synthesis procedures: This includes determining the best methods for synthesizing specific organic compounds, developing the necessary laboratory procedures, and carrying out the synthesis - Monitored the quality of the synthesized products, ensuring that they meet specified standards and requirements, and carrying out necessary tests and analyses - Maintained detailed records of the synthesis process, including laboratory notes, experimental data, and batch records, to support regulatory compliance and future product development - Worked with other members of the research and development team, such as organic chemists, analysts, and product managers, to achieve project goals 2. Manufacturing process design: - Developed process design concepts, including flow diagrams, equipment specifications, and process control strategies. This involves modeling the process to determine optimal conditions for production and identifying potential problems - Designed and executed pilot-scale trials to validate process design concepts and scaling up to full-scale production - Specified and designed the equipment required for production, including reactors, heat exchangers, separators, and other process equipment. 3. Qualitative and quantitative analysis: - Prepared samples for analysis, including sample extraction, filtration, and dilution - Operated and maintained analytical instruments, such as spectrometers, chromatographs, and microscopes, and ensuring that they are properly calibrated and in good working order - Interpreted and analyzed the data generated by the analytical instruments, including calculating concentrations and interpreting spectra
Back-end Developer
- Developed the back-end of web applications, including server-side code, database design, and API development - Designed and implemented databases to store and manage data for applications - Moved data from one system to another, such as from a legacy system to a modern database - Provided ongoing maintenance and support for web applications to ensure that they continue to run smoothly and meet user needs
Back-end Developer
Eduwork Outsource
1. REST API development: - Designed the API endpoints and the structure of the API resources - Implemented the server-side logic to handle incoming API requests and return appropriate responses(Ruby, JavaScript, SQL) - Integrated the API with the back-end systems, such as databases and data storage solutions - Ensured the reliability, scalability, and performance of the API - Implemented security measures, such as authentication and authorization, to protect the API and the data it interacts with - Collaborated with frontend developers to integrate the API with the user-facing components of the application 2. Development maintaining databases and data storage solutions: - Designed and implemented relational and non-relational databases to store application data(MongoDB, PostgreSQL) - Wrote and performed database scripts to manage data structures, backups, and implemented data migrations - Optimized database performance by tuning indexes, querying, and storage - Ensured data security by implementing encryption, access controls, backup and recovery mechanisms - Maintained the integrity of the data by implementing constraints, validations, and error handling 3. Design of server-side code to handle application logic, data processing, and user authentication: - Wrote server-side code to handle business logic, such as data processing and calculation, performed operations on the database(Ruby, JavaScript, SQL) - Implemented user authentication and authorization mechanisms to secure the application and protect sensitive data - Developed server-side code to handle input validation, error handling, and data sanitization - Wrote server-side code to handle performance-critical tasks, such as data caching and asynchronous processing - Debugged and fixed server-side issues related to application logic, data processing, and user authentication

Education & Training

Master's degree, Сoordination chemistry
Moldova State University
Activities and societies: Сoordination chemistryActivities and societies: Сoordination chemistry Presented a thesis study on the "Synthesis of some 3d metal coordination compounds with salicylaldehyde 4-(3-(methylthio)propyl)thiosemicarbazone".Presented a thesis study on the "Synthesis of some 3d metal coordination compounds with salicylaldehyde 4-(3-(methylthio)propyl)thiosemicarbazone".
Bachelor's degree, Pharmaceutical production technology
Moldova State University
Activities and societies: Chemical Technology Presented a thesis study on the "Ginkgolides - diterpene compounds as cardiovascular drugs".
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