Alex Stephane Piedjou Komnang

PhD physicist graduate

About Alex

I recently completed my PhD in theoretical physics at University of Salerno in Italy. My research was about the detection of single photon in the microwave domain using the Josephson junction. My journey in quantum computing started with my interest in quantum sensing where I did research, and then I took some courses on quantum computing and programming with QWorld and University of Latvia and then I joined the Womanium foundation as quantum computing fellow to help bring more students around the world in quantum computing. I would love to join a company to contribute to the quantum workforce as an Intern in the quantum computing hardware or in the development of algorithm. In fact with the skills I gained during my thesis on Josephson junction which is considered as the main component of building the superconducting qubits, I would like to contribute more in the development of more robust qubits.


  • python
  • Qiskit

Work Experience

Associate Researcher
University of Salerno
I performed numerical simulations for modeling and designing a microwave detector of single photon
Quantum computing fellow
Womanium foundation
I interface with partner organisations, industry, companies, government labs and academia to build, collaborate and expand new and existing Quantum Computing, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship avenues. I co-organize virtual career fairs for the Womanium Global Quantum Computing & Entrepreneurship Program.

Education & Training

PhD in Physics
University of Salerno
Thesis: Single Photon detection with Josephson junction Supervisor: Prof. Sergio Pagano
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